23 June 2013

Say yes to statement everything!

Hey ladies! I don't know why, but lately I have noticed that I like to keep it simple in matters of outfits. I stopped trying (too) hard and started to follow the famous saying "A little bit goes a long way". And I think it actually works.

My piece of advice: If you want to stand out in a positive way, mix basic clothing items with bold accesories. A statement necklace, a "to-die-for" badass bracelet and a splash of color is all you need, so ladies, invest in accesories that define your style. 


And since no outfit is complete without a fabulous bag, choose one that completes and balances your outfit. For example, even though I wore an orange top, I couldn't say no to this coral Dasha bag, which I made an obsession for. It's amazing how much outfits you can pull starting from such a versatile bag!

  Top - H&M | Maxi Skirt - thrift store | Bracelet - Meli Melo | Sunglasses - H&M | Bag - Dasha.ro 

So ladies, remember:  Be bold, mix it up, then go out and break some hearts! :D

That's about it. For now.
Kisses, B

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