16 August 2012

How to wear: Printed Pants

Hey ladies! There`s nothing more fun and eye-catching than a pair of printed pants. Printed pants may seem a little bit risky, but if you follow some basic rules, you won`t fail! Just wear them with a solid color top and let the pants do all the fashion work! You must have them!

Photograph printed leggings
Just remember ladies: Leggings are not pants, so try wearing an oversized top to balance things up. 

Galaxy printed leggings
I created this outfit thinking at a girls night out in the club. I wanted to add a "rock`n`roll" touch to this outfit by putting the leather vest and those buckle boots. When using bold combinations, try to keep it simple with the accessories.

Floral printed pants
This outfit is perfect for daily wear. You can wear it to work (if the dress-code is "relaxed"), to college or just on an afternoon spent with friends. As you can see I kept it simple and clean with the other items and let the pants stand out.

Slouchy tribal printed pants
When wearing harem or slouchy pants, you have to keep a balance.  Wear them with fitted tops!

If you want, you can check out my other outfit sets on Polyvore

Let me know what you think about printed pants leaving comments below!
How would you wear them?


  1. You have a lovely blog, and the post is great, so inspiring.
    I followed gfc, follow me back? :)


  2. Love the pairings. They are really nice.


  3. We all have our own ways to wear them. The important thing is you feel comfortable with them. Care about how you want to look. Not what others want you too look like.


Thanks for stopping by! Love, B

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