17 April 2012

Style tricks for your body shape | Girls with curves

Hey loves! I came up with an idea! Once in 3 days I`m gonna post "Style tricks for your body shape"
Today I`m gonna start with tips for girls with curves from the lovely Kim Kardashian. I admire her so much as a person and as a style icon. She knows what`s making her look gorgeous and isn`t afraid of showing her curves! And why should she be afraid?? She looks amazing! So..here are some style tips directly from Kim Kardashian:

 "Show off that tiny waist! Adding a belt makes your outfit look more polished. I have great belts from Phillip Lim and Alaia. Vintage belts are one of a kind and can be affordable too."

  "They're something a bit different but still very flattering on most figures."

 "You can dress it up or down, wear it with pants or over a dress—a bold shoulder blazer works with everyhing."

  "I wear a lot of heels! They give you extra height, plus they lengthen your legs and make you look leaner."

The mermaid dress embraces your curves and also, wearing it with high heels, gives you extra height.

 What do you think about this idea?  
And do you like Kim Kardashian`s style? 

Leave comments below!

Kisses , B

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