09 February 2012

Liza Giles home decor

Astazi rasfoiam o revista Elle mai veche (noiembrie 2007) si mi`am dat seama ca unele lucruri nu se demodeaza! Fotografiile cu casa Lizei Giles au avut acelasi impact asupra mea cum le`au avut si prima data cand am deschis revista in 2007: "Oh my God I want my house too look like that!". Iubesc acest amestec nebun de culori, echilibrate cu nuante neutre; acest alb stralucitor al podelelor, pieselor de mobilier, zidurilor pe care ramele foro, fetele de perna colorate, peretii tapetati in diverse culori dau atat de bine! Liza a spus ca si-a dorit o casa care sa fie amuzanta si glamour in acelasi timp, stilul ei fiind unul jucaus.. "ca un copil pus pe sotii, care scoate din cand in cand limba la cei mari."

Today I was looking through an old Elle magazine (nov 2007) and I realized that some things never go out of style! The photos with Liza Glies`s house have the same impact on me that they had the first time I opened the magazine in 2007: "Oh my God I want my house too look like that!". I love this crazy colour mix balanced with neutral colors; this shiny glamorous white on the floor, furniture and walls that goes so well with the colored picture frames, pillow cases, wallpapers! Liza said that she wanted a house that could be funny and glamorous at the same time, her style being a playful one... "like a mischievous kid, that sometimes sticks his tongue out at the adults". Which is exacly how I would describe this house. 
Take a look:

 Kisses, B.

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