16 February 2012

It's all about the details...


Fara accesoriile perfecte, nicio tinuta nu este completa! Cu accesoriile potrivite, poti face mari minuni...poti transforma o tinuta de zi, intr-una superba de seara! Nu va fie frica sa va jucati, nu va fie frica sa experimentati cu accesoriile si cel mai important: sa nu va fie teama de greseli! Din greseli inveti (experienta :D)!


Am pus mai jos niste filmulete care sper sa va inspire si sa va faca sa dispara teama de a experimenta!
How to Accessorize your outfit - Flaunt Boutique in Apex
Boring to Bold: How to Accessorize a Plain outfit
Accessorize Your Business Casual Look
Accessorize Your Evening Outfit 

Kisses, B. 


  1. ooh, love this! such good inspiration.

  2. I really love accessories posts b/c they keep me sharp. I know that sounds silly, but I'm someone who has fought my own nature... believing that in order to simplify my life I should be rid of nail polish & accessories & anything else that isn't absolutely necessary. I can't STAND clutter, but I LOVE to accessorize and I'm finally coming to terms with that. Super cute post... where can I get those gloves?
    xx- Annalise


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